Atlantic magazine sex on campus

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“This is coming at a time when we’ve been hopeful about making significant progress in improving the climate for women everywhere,” said Struble, one of the founders of Dartmouth Change, an alumni group fighting sexual assault at the Ivy League school in Hanover, New Hampshire. It’s been incredibly damaging.” Sexual assault has become one of the leading issues on college campuses.About 90 colleges are under investigation by the U. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights over policies — on sexual-assault prevention, investigation and adjudication — that may violate Title IX, the law that prohibits gender discrimination in education.Are you one of many students who have come from far away to take advantage of CNA's unique course offerings, or have you chosen CNA because you know we offer a well-rounded education close to home?Either way, here you will find the resources necessary to help you on your way to an exciting career. Check this page regularly for announcements regarding student life, contest draws and special promotions! Over the past week, 1,300 fraternity executives and student-affairs officials from across the U. As the meeting wrapped up Friday, Rolling Stone magazine backed away from a story about the alleged gang rape of a woman named Jackie at the University of Virginia’s Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.Cohen took action after a Bloomberg News series last year reported on those deaths — often associated with pledging, the sometimes months-long initiation period for new members.More than 75 people have died since 2005 in fraternity-related incidents, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

“The Rolling Stone story helped our country wake up to the true scope of the challenge of campus sexual violence,” said Daniel Carter, director of the VTV Family Outreach Foundation’s 32 National Campus Safety Initiative.

The most popular topics at the conference: media scrutiny and how to prevent sexual assault.

At the same time, the hashtag #IStand With Jackie drew attention on Twitter, with advocates saying they don’t want the episode to deter women from speaking up.

Rolling Stone’s story came under occasional attack, according to Mark Koepsell, executive director of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, a Fort Collins, Colorado-based group that organized the conference.

“People were extremely frustrated that something was allowed to be published where the fact-checking had not occurred,” Koepsell said.

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