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But this is something that has burned on my heart for weeks and I’m about to spill it all here. If you don’t agree with me, just remember what happened when the very first woman took matters into her own hands. You don’t have to push yourself on a man to make sure you are noticed. When someone asks me the above question, they typically don’t like my answer. “But how wrong could it be if I call and just check on him? I would do that with any of my friends.” I’ve used that line before. Elisabeth Elliot puts it this way: “By the grace of God we have not been left to ourselves in the matter of who is to do the initiating. God fashioned one to the exact specifications of his need and brought her to him. If you are a Christ following woman and are seeking His best for your life then don’t initiate.

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The moment we see the ultrasound picture, the moment we hear the cry of a boy exiting the womb and entering the world, we should recite in our minds: (Genesis ) Boys are born with a mission: to work and keep, to cultivate and guard. Less than two years later, Hudson arrived on a Sunday afternoon during the fourth quarter of a San Francisco 49ers football game. The night of Hudson’s second birthday, Taylor woke me up at a.m.

She took the initiative, offered him the forbidden fruit, and he, instead of standing as her protector, responded and sinned along with her.” – My intention is not to make waiting on a man look like a sunshiney walk in the park.

I recently did a dating Q&A online, and out of the hundreds of questions submitted, I started noticing a theme that made me sad.

God doesn’t demand men live life on the basis of their own resources; he summons us to live in confident dependence on his resources. When Jesus gets a hold of a man, he makes a man new. Jesus takes men with dead batteries and puts them in relationship with the living God.

It’s as though men experience Genesis 2:7 all over again: Life feels new.

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