Cameras on adult toilets

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The intent of PREA Standards 115.15, 115.115, 115.215, and 115.315 (limits to cross-gender viewing and searches), subsection (d) is to provide inmates with the ability to shower, use the toilet, and change their clothes without being viewed by nonmedical staff of the opposite gender.The standard also functions to ensure that inmates have the information they need in order to cover up when opposite-gender staff members are working in their housing areas.

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Cameras are rarely located within shower or toilet areas.

It is acknowledged that there is a diminished expectation of privacy in the open area of a dormitory setting or other common areas of correctional facilities.

In addition, most facilities have rules prohibiting inmates from disrobing or being unclothed in common areas.

If this is the case and these rules are enforced, cameras focused on common areas, including dormitory sleeping units, may be monitored by either gender.

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