Can aquarius dating aquarius

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It's through the imagination, that they can go together to far-out places, and keep the relationship fresh and growing.The type of Aquarius man who rarely opens his heart to anyone, much less sleeps around.For truly, if there's a naturally monogamous sign, it's the homebody Cancer.For the male Waterbearer to win the Crab, he'll want to show he's responsive to her moods and desires.

It's easy to see this going South, since Aqua man lives to dart hither and yon, and demands freedom in relationship.

On one level, she can trust Aqua man because of his uprightness, compassion, sense of equanimity.

His objectivity can help her see herself and her world with more clarity.

If he's irritated by her need for a cozy landing place out and about, she'll check him off her list (unless she's a masochist).

Bottom line is, sympathy and sensitivity to her needs, are what the female Crab craves most. I know from being a Cancer woman that we can act strange and disconnected in the beginning.

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