Cuoco and galecki dating

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In 2007, geeks all over the world rejoiced when The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) aired for the first time on CBS.

The show was unlike anything else on TV because instead of showing the plot lines and stories we are used to seeing, it concentrated on a group of nerds who were socially awkward and strange.

Leonard and Penny have many ups and downs in their relationship but they eventually tie the knot in season 9.

The show is extremely successful and was rated as number 1 on the list of comedy series for last year.

Although we may feel like we know all of the characters on the show, the cast members know each other very well as they have worked on set with one another for over 10 years.

Sheldon is in love with how comfortable Penny's new chair is, until he finds out that it is a used chair that she found discarded on the street.

A freaked out Sheldon is certain that he has contracted some nasty bug from sitting in the chair, and does whatever he can to make Penny get rid of it. Something else may make Penny think twice about keeping the chair.

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