Dating consulting services

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Besides new work, we carry out extensions/additions, alterations, restorations, rehabilitation and recycling and demolition of buildings and other structural elements.We have successfully complied with heritage conditions imposed by AMAFA in a number of projects and are familiar with these challenges.

In the fields of sport and recreation, engineering services include sportsfields with both conventional and artificial turf, terraced embankments with structured seating, parking, access and related facilities, sanitation and water components with associated irrigation, landscaping, security fencing and lighting, etc.We also distribute profits to staff, taking particular note of an individual’s PDI status. In all our professional work we comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (No.85 of 1993) and the corresponding Construction Regulations of 2003.We carry out bridge and culvert assessments and have staff who meet SANRAL bridge inspection accreditation criteria.Structures also occur in sport and recreational projects: sports halls, gymnasia, pools, playing courts, spectator facilities (temporary and permanent), etc.

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