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Making changes or ongoing updates could still require a freelance designer or developer to help you continually update your site (additional $$$).Yet for only a few dollars each month, some of these website builders below could give you almost everything you’d ever want at less than 1% of the cost.Over a period of 6 months (still ongoing) I monitored my websites uptime and page load times via Ping tool. Many of these website builders trick you with their low introductory prices, like letting you set up a website for free.Some of my sites had more than 24 hours of downtime…(! But once you want to launch it, you’ll need to pay. Assuming this website is for some commercial or professional reason (i.e.Those that are recommended by the major ‘Review Websites’ like Site Builder,, and many others.2. After signing up with them, I decided to make a quick ‘5 minute’ website on my own domain name, like 3.Monitored each site’s uptime and page load times (6 months, ongoing).

You can simply click on a page element to bring up customization options.#4. Wix has around 300 templates, perfect for small businesses and freelancers alike.#2. Cheapest ‘Ad-free’ package is .50/month (VAT included).#6.

Website Builders commonly claim they’re free, only to then up-sell and cross-sell you to death until eventually you’re paying more than their cheapest plan in the first place. Everything’s finally starting to fall into place and look perfect. Panicking, you quickly reach out to customer support (and after waiting on hold for an hour), get a ‘canned response’ like the following:“.

Until one day you go to check in on your site and it’s gone. A good website builder might set you back anywhere between to a month.

It took 3 hours to activate my account on a weekend. You get a FREE domain name and one email account#2. That’s A LOT – compared with others, especially with Jimdo that has only 17 templates/themes.#3.

Site Builder’s website builder was relatively easy and simple to use. (best you can do in 5 minutes)(‘go-to’ website builder, easy to use)#1.

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