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We did the same thing with all of their video sales that are for their upsells and down sells.We studied their entire funnel, including all their back end emails to see what they were promoting, even as affiliates, because that gave us a huge, huge head start.I’m sure you’ve seen them Mark, these email submit offers where these companies are paying you as much as to just for an email address and you scratch your head wondering, “How do these companies make money paying your for an email address?” It’s really kind of cool if you go through their entire funnel, you’ll realize that it’s a co-registration path.We took how their video sales [letters ] and we had them all transcribed, because when you read copy versus watch copy you get a different effect.You can see the points that make that video sales that are so successful.Anything from first time sales funnel where you’re trying to sell something right out of the gate, to lead generation where you’re looking to grab a name and email, maybe even a phone number, before you push them through the funnel.Even with CPA offers, they all have their own type of funnels where we were driving traffic to CPA offers.

I know that you know that I’m involved in a health and wellness company.

Episode Links: Transcript: Mark Thompson: Welcome to today’s episode.

I am joined here by Gauher Chaudhry, he is a online marketer who’s been doing this for over 16 years.

The second part is once you’ve actually created the funnel, are you going and doing some small paid, or even internal, traffic to those funnels to ensure that, “Hey if I’m going to go and pay out affiliates X number of dollars, or I’m going to spend all this time maybe doing a scale, a big launch or scaling out this paid traffic,” are you doing small test segments first and then tweaking as you go along?

Gauher Chaudhry: You know that’s a great question Mark and I’m glad you asked that.

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