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The new-girl outcast loner is SO unique and important!Of course chicks are gonna drink the Kool-Aid straight with no chaser, wipe their lips and ask you to pass them some more!He’s one of the elite, although the movie doesn’t establish WHY he’s considered elite.I can only assume it’s because they imply that he’s physically attractive and mentally a renegade.I grew up with “elite” people in my elementary school.

I’m not saying the movie was interesting or good or unpredictable, haha.. This is automatically going to be of interest to females, because most films are seen through guys’ eyes. She transfers to a new school, which means she starts off with ZERO props. This is also endearing to females, because most of them fit into this category.

So Edward seems to be rich, cool, has his own car, his parents pull him out of school whenever it’s a really nice day and the faculty never complains (= his family has juice), so it would appear that he could choose whatever female(s) he wants and they’d be glad to get down with the program.

This sets up the perfect dynamic between Edward & Bella that she’s not supposed to be able to pull a guy as good as him and he’s not supposed to settle for a girl as mediocre as she is. Self-Validation through being selected by an elite male for her unique qualities.

When she finds out he’s a vampire, she declares that she doesn’t care and that she’s not afraid of him.

Logically, she’s willing to risk her life to be with him being that she would have been dead already if he hadn’t saved her from being crushed, however, of course, this is utilized as another demonstration of how deep her LOVE is for Edward. 😀 I wish I would have thought up “Vampires that restrain themselves from eating Humans” myself.

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