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The tropical aquarium, the elegant design and the extraordinary shopping items were combined into the making of one of the most modern and opulent shopping malls in the whole world.

Even though some of the articles may be a little too expensive for the average middle class person, Aviapark is still a great place to spend a pleasant time with your friends.

The mall has the aspect of a royal palace, preserving the 19th century architectural style, and it is structured on three stylish floors that are connected by bridges and topped with a glass roof.

Besides the elegant design, the GUM Moscow also welcomes its customers with stores displaying articles of some of the world's most famous brands, retail outlets, but also with leisure and cultural activities, and numerous restaurants and cafés.

In total 10,000 soldiers, 114 piece of armour, and dozens of aircraft and helicopters will take part in a display so large that three separate airports will have to close in order to clear enough airspace.

The day, May 9, commemorates the Allies victory over the Nazis.

And the best thing is that it is not even that expensive; with the perfect guidance and documentation, you will have a relaxing time, buy some fabulous items, and even save money at the same time for more fascinating Moscow private tours.

From cheap souvenirs that you can find in street kiosks to elegant and imposing stores of various kinds, you are sure to find at least one item that is perfect for your needs and taste.

Address: Old Arbat Street, 10 min walk from the Kremlin Main Entrance (Kutafia Tower – the only white tower of the Kremlin) Opening hours: shops and shouvenir stores are open daily, 10 am – 9 pm or 10 pm. Located very close to Partizanskaya metro station, Izmailovo Market should be on anyone's list of places to visit in Moscow since there is no other place where you can get to know better the aspects of the genuine life in this city.

It was not traditionally marked with large celebrations, but under Putin has become a day of national pride (pictured, an RS-24 inter-continental ballistic missile launcher) Putin has ramped up military spending in recent years to pay for a massive upgrade of most of Russia's technology, splashing out .8billion in 2016 (pictured, launch vehicles for the S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft missile system) The Victory Day parade was first held under Stalin, but those celebrations were in a different league compared to the huge display of modern times (pictured, a Pantsir-SA surface-to-air missile system) The parade will be so large that airports in Moscow, St.

Petersburg, Yekaterinburg will be forced to close to allow room for military jets to take part in the display (pictured, the Tigr all-terrain infantry transport) Security for the parade will be intense following the terror bombing in St Petersburg which left 15 people dead (pictured, Russian police walk past a huge banner referencing the Soviet Union, also known as the CCCP) Three Tupolev-95MS long-range bombers fly over St Basil's Cathedral in the Red Square.

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