Homosexuality camps

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Several years ago, I did a study to find out what successful church planters had in common.

I surveyed over 600 seminary graduates who went on to plant churches.

We are trying to be good stewards of the mission and people God has given us.

As far as better assessment, there should be a process (and I’ve talked about that earlier).

This is about finding the best people for the mission, and better equipping those people.

We aren’t trying to replace the Holy Spirit by creating these systems.

The participants should walk away with notebooks full of stuff they can open up months later to help them figure out the next step in whatever issue they are dealing with.

This is why those who go through a boot camp have such an advantage when it comes to succeeding over those who did not have such an experience.

This doesn’t take the place of theological training.At the end of that, they could either participate in a three-day boot camp or not. Four years later, those who did were leading churches that were substantially larger than those who did not.So, yes, three days of church planting training made a huge difference after three years of seminary training.Hulda Clark Books | Planet X Sequel | 'Undocumented Immigrants' | Donald Marshall & Cloning Station War on Terror | Tavistock | U. Since you are already reading this page within the electronic translator, when you click on any of the articles linked below, the article will go to a translated page, allowing you to read the article in your native language.Ken Adachi] Notes from Ken Adachi, Editor October 17, 2014 Forward from Gift Economy Facebook Censorship To post this article on Facebook, link to the Tiny Url seen below.

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