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The story of an old man whose good heart leads him to steal cash to help others.3 The Case of Canary Jones- A nightclub singer is found dead in her apartment.A report on the gunpowder is received: it is known as black powder.

But John Kendall (KH) soon realises the company is just a cover for a more sinister business, and he is framed for the murder of his employer.

Kathy O'Hara, a lovely orphaned Irish girl, had answered one of their advertisements.

The boss had embarked on an evil plan, after reading her letter which gave her complete financial details. An explosion in a deserted barn- and Stryker finds the charred remains of an unidentified man.

5.19 A Hole in the Head Joey Beeble (Aubrey Morris), a tramp, finds a human skeleton in the Epping Forest. Dr Penton finds some granite dust and gunpowder on the clothes and in the hair of the skeleton.

Graham Crowley (Andrew Faulds), a sculptor, is called in to reconstruct the man's features, and a photograph is taken and circulated.

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