Job hunting is like dating

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With the help of sonar, a remote-controlled underwater vehicle and scuba divers, O'Shea's team eventually found a complicated system of submerged structures at a point where the caribou's spring and fall migration paths would've crossed.In the fall, caribou heading south along the land bridge would've made their way straight into a simple cluster of stone hunting blinds.Other prehistoric sites — though none in the Great Lakes — boast similar innovations.

For jobs that appeared on multiple sites, Google will link you to the one with the most complete job posting.

Then, its machine learning-trained algorithms sift through and categorize them.

These job sites often already use at least some job-specific markup to help search engines understand that something is a job posting (though often, the kind of search engine optimization that worked when Google would only show 10 blue links for this type of query now clutters up the new interface with long, highly detailed job titles, for example).

Deep below the surface of Lake Huron, scuba-diving researchers have found an elaborate network of hunting blinds and animal-herding structures dating back roughly 9,000 years.

Lake levels of the day were some 250 feet lower, exposing a narrow bridge of land running from one side of Huron to the other.

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