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Some girls are super into you and others just aren’t interested.

No matter where you go you’ll never be attractive to every girl you meet.

Having quite a bit of experience with Peru and its women, I decided to write a post clarifying some common misconceptions. The average Peruvian girl is far more attractive than her American counterparts.

If you’ve ever been interested in Latin America and the dating scene you’ll really like today’s post. There really isn’t much of an obesity problem here and girls put a lot of effort into their appearance. You’ll never see some Chipotle shambler oozing around in sweatpants and a ratty T-shirt.

Random bar sex is a very American concept and not something that’s super popular elsewhere.And a lot of Western pick-up would actually work against you.If a girl said “I like movies” and you responded with “you sound like a friendless loser” it would set your progress back.If you’re willing to practice Spanish for an hour or two a day you really shouldn’t have any trouble.Additionally, most of the people in Lima can understand some basic English. A lot of men, who’ve never been outside the country, love to talk about how awesome foreign girls are.

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