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Consent forms can be obtained from a Saskatchewan marriage licence issuer or from the Marriage Unit.If the parent(s) or guardian(s) refuse to consent to the marriage, the minor can apply to a judge of either the provincial or Queen's Bench court for an order dispensing with their consent.In addition, the "Consent to Marriage of a Minor" form must be completed and attached to the statement.

Banns are the public announcement of a proposed marriage. If either of the prospective spouses is unable to understand or speak English or French, they must arrange for an independent interpreter to be present when purchasing the marriage licence. Saskatchewan marriage licences are purchased from marriage licence issuers.The statutory declaration must be read to the parties to prove that they fully understand the content.This includes reading the "Degrees of Consanguinity" which may bar the solemnization of the marriage.- Landed immigrants must present a valid birth certificate and landed immigrant papers as well as photo ID. The statutory declaration is a series of questions and information, located on the back of the marriage licence.When applying for the marriage licence, the prospective spouses must complete and sign the statutory declaration in the presence of the marriage licence issuer.

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