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a small quantity of specially preserved seed grain was mingled with the first crop to be sown. or a dish of porridge was placed on the doorstep.” This demonstrates a unique tie to the symbolism of the culture, which shows how the church essentially erased the traditions that predated it.

They ushered in new mindsets, appropriate for the time of year, and necessary to keep their societies mobile and fluid.

In any case it is clear something has been lost here.

A reveling in the temporal passage through a weary winter is cause for celebration, and the excitement of sowing the land.

By removing this irreplaceable bond, the church has essentially whitewashed a culture that could sparsely be seen as anything but iconic.

Thus it is my belief, that through the appropriation of pagan festivals, which had been integrated into localized Catholicism, the replacement of pagan values with Christianity, and by the stripping of power and importance to the nation’s folklore, Catholicism effectively repressed and stunted the cultural development of a people for generations to come.

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