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Go Back() End Sub Private Sub Form1_Form Closing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Form Closing 'Remove the event handles on form closing For Each tb As Custom Tab Page In Me.

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Progress Changed, Address Of Browser_Progress Changed Next End Sub End Class Public Class Custom Browser Inherits Web Browser Private _tab Page As Custom Tab Page Public Read Only Property Tab Page() As Custom Tab Page Get Return Me._tab Page End Get End Property Sub New(By Val tb As Custom Tab Page) Me._tab Page = tb Me. Any ways, if you decide to use the code you have than just point the mouse to the warning and it will suggest you to change the code with the right one.

Go Forward() End Sub Private Sub btn Refresh_Click(By Val sender As System. Now when i click go even with a tab it throws the exception.| Easy Screen Shot tool | Unique Combinations | Global Hooks | Screen Capture Class | Rounded-corner rectangles and controls | Dot Net Zip Class (post # 5) | Analog Clock Control | Time Zone Class | Sort Object by Its Property | Hotkey Manager Class | Desktop Alarm Clock | Icons | Although i am curious as to a few things. Thanks for that its alot cleaner but sadly its still throwing the expception when i click go on line 34 and i still cant pin point the problem Could the problem be that i set it without a page on startup?It makes conversation casual, it makes communication common, and most importantly it serves as an outlet of our emotions when you make sex via skype.You can find a lot of free chat contacts on our website; individuals whose profiles are made available for seeing and are optimized for faster glancing experience.

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