Untying the knot toya and memphitz online dating

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Here's what we know: Some time yesterday, Hannah, who is known to show off any and all of her body parts on Instagram as a "model," took to her Twitter to blast boyfriend Klay Thompson. So we were caught by surprise when we heard him say he wouldn’t vote for a woman to become POTUS out of fear that she would make “rash emotional decisions.” In a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid, the Grand Hustle general addressed Hilary Clinton running for president which resulted in some rather sexist commentary.

Despite some unconfirmed internet chatter claiming the two were broken up by the time she went on her Twitter rant yesterday, the two were definitely dating recently as they hit the carpet together at the Kids Choice Sports' Awards this past July (pics above). found himself making headlines and catching negative backlash after making comments that he would not vote for a woman president in fear of “rash emotional decisions.” Hmpfh. Tip said the world isn’t ready for a female president and that we may as well elect the Lochness Monster before electing a woman for presidency. His exact words were: “Not to be sexist but, I can’t vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman,” he said.

Between her years of wearing colored contacts and her botched plastic surgery. Now Fiddy has gotten started on his clapback and I’m holding on to my wig for Auntie Vivica. Because he already got started on Instagram: GAHTDAMB.

He picked this picture of her boobs looking like a toothpaste tube someone squeezed with their entire hand in the middle.

If you follow Toya Wright, the ex-wife of rapper Lil' Wayne, on Instagram, chances are you probably saw the no holds barred verbal confrontation that went down between her and R&B singer K. Recently, Wright spoke out about the ongoing beef ...

Toya Wright, the ex-wife of rap star Lil Wayne, and her new husband, producer Memphitz, have had their share of issues in their marriage, with the abuse allegations from K.

The little daddy's girl had her pops wrapped around her little finger as they trekked through the ranch.

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Be careful about dragging exes in the public square because most of the time, we’re judging you for attracting their crazy too. If Vivica was gon come for 50 Cent, she needed to come ready. I just want to ask that they keep this fight as clean as possible.

Then they look at you funny for cussing them out for making the whole thing look terrible.

And this is why you don’t like to share your bathroom space with anybody.

Case in point: 2015 NBA champ Klay Thompson's most recent girlfriend Hannah Stocking.

Unlike other stories claiming girlfriends/fiancee's are blasting their ballers for cheating, this one actually is credible and true.

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